Aspirator Sin-Zone18 – Suction Machine (Pump)

Aspirator Sin-Zone18 – Suction Machine (Pump)

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Key Features
Air flow rate pump: ≥18L/min
Max. vacuum: 80kPa+5kPa
Collection jar: 1I secretion container,1I Receptal ®container system or 1I MediVac container system
Suction hose: Ø 6mm,1.30m length
Weight: 4.5kg
Power consumption: 300watts


Sin-Zone18 Medical Aspirator – Suction Machine/Pump Specifications and Price in Karachi

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AVERLAST 25 can be equipped with a rechargeable battery (accumulator) and this battery is optional.phlegm suction machine suction pump portable suction machine suction machine
Integrated microprocessor-based technology assures safe charging of the battery; overcharging is thus impossible.
An over temperature stop controlled by electronics avoids overheating of the unit.
A disposable bacterial filter plate integrated in the lid of the collection jar prevents bacteria and liquid from penetrating into the pump.


  1. Powerful suction up to 0.08Mpa
  2. Double anti-overflow protection system
  3. Direct Plug-in Bottle System, only one push to take out bottle
  4. 1400ml capacity suction bottle
  5. Innovative filter technology which prevents penetration of micro organisms and secretion into the device
  6. Only one inlet for suction hose, avoid misleading of air inlet and outlet
  7. Easy clean & sterilize & user-friendly operations
  8. 18L & 25L air flow options


1 Silicone suction hose Ø6mm, L=1.30m
1 Universal PC power cord wires
2 filter
3 Suction catheter (free)

YONKER YK 80C Fingertip – Pulse Oximeter only at Rs 2500/-

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    Nice Product. Highly recommended

  2. Musa

    Portable device

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