MEDICARE Nazal Tube – Nasal Tube

MEDICARE Nazal Tube – Nasal Tube


MEDICARE Nazal Tube in wholesale rates

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MEDICARE Nazal Tube – Nasal Tube Price in Karachi, Pakistan

What is a nasogastric tube?

A nasogastric tube (NG tube) is a thin, flexible plastic tube that’s used for temporary medical purposes. “Nasogastric” means “nose to stomach”. The tube is designed to pass through your nasal cavity into your throat and down through your esophagus into your stomach. Healthcare providers use different types of nasogastric tubes to deliver substances to your stomach or draw substances out.

What is the purpose of a nasogastric tube?

Nasogastric tubes are used both to deliver substances to your stomach and to draw substances out. They’re often used for short-term tube feeding and to deliver oral medications to hospitalized people. They can also suction out stomach contents to relieve pressure or remove poisons.

The two primary purposes of the nasogastric tube are short-term tube feeding (and medication administration) and gastric suctioning (stomach pumping).

Tube feeding

The NG tube can deliver special nutrition, as well as medication, directly to your stomach. You may need tube feeding (enteral nutrition) if you aren’t getting adequate nutrition from oral feeding. This may be the case if you have a condition that affects your appetite or makes it difficult to chew or swallow. Sometimes hospital patients just need additional nutrition to support their healing.

Some conditions that may require temporary tube feeding through a nasogastric tube include:

Gastric suction

Your healthcare provider may use a nasogastric tube to draw contents out of your stomach, either as a precaution or as an emergency procedure. If you swallow poison or overdose on pills, they will pump the toxic contents out. If a medical condition or procedure causes your stomach to become overfull and distended, they will draw out the contents to decompress your stomach and prevent regurgitation.

Some conditions that may require gastric suctioning through a nasogastric tube include:

What are the two types of nasogastric tubes?

The two main types correspond to the two main purposes of the nasogastric tube.

Single lumen

The single-lumen NG tube has a single, narrow channel for delivering medications and nutrition one way into your stomach. The channel has a small diameter (“small bore”) to make it as comfortable as possible, since it may be in place for up to several weeks. The Levin and the Dobhoff are the two main models in use. The main difference between them is that the Dobhoff tube has a weight on the end.

Double lumen

The double-lumen NG tube is specially designed for suctioning, but it can also be used for other purposes. It has two channels: a wider one to suction through and a narrower one that acts as an air vent to relieve the vacuum pressure. This helps prevent the tube from adhering to your stomach lining while suctioning. There are several models, but the Salem Sump™ may be the most common one.


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